Multi-outlet retail business app reduce your workload.

We provide basic features to our valued customers

Reports and Analytics

Our powerful reporting tools give you a live stock report, daily sales report, purchase report, and many more. We will notify you if the stock goes down. No more guessing. Check your store report and make a decision.

Online Ordering

We offer free and paid themes for our customers to run their business online. Our ecommerce themes are mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly. We also provide developer support to our customers.

Sell on social media

Posting your products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others can help you sell more products and engage more customers for your business.Product pages on your online store should include a social share button for your customers to share products on social media.

Multiple outlets

A gift shop owner may have a number of physical locations.We simply integrate all your outlets into one application. Just configure your outlet settings, add the user, set the required privileges, and manage all your sales in a single app.


Give your customers the flexibility to change their minds with a return product and a refund payment. On every invoice you generate from Nexchar, you'll find a return button. Your stock will be automatically updated once a successful item is returned, and then a new invoice will be generated.

Offline First

Our apps work offline, so your Point of Sale App will always be running even if there is no internet connection. Once connection is regained, it will automatically sync all new sales and customer data. Sell your product hassle-free.

Speed up checkout with a powerful point of sale system

Checkout in 10 seconds. The ideal solution for your retail business

  • Read the barcode of your product and add it to the shopping basket.
  • Add discounts Percent/Fixed that will apply to all the items in a customer’s basket.
  • Predifine tax is applied automatically to all items in a customer's basket.
  • Select a customer from the customer list or add a new customer.
  • Print your customer's invoice.
Speed up checkout with Nexchar POS

Get free ecommerse website for your gift shop with powerfull point of sale system

Register to Nexchar system and get a free online ordering platform. Grow your offline giftshop store using Nexchar mobile POS