The best mobile POS for food outlets.

Affordable, easy to use cloud-based mobile point-of-sale app for your Restaurants.

POS App for Restaurants

POS App for Restaurants

A cloud-based mobile point of sale app for your restaurant business. We offer features such as food item management, inventory, expense management, accounting, and user management.

Pos for cafe

POS App for Cafe

Continue to sell at your café even if the internet goes down, Nexchar will automatically resync your sales when you’re back online. We provide the most complete solution for the greatest value.

POS App for Food Turck

POS App for Food Turck

A user-friendly, affordable mobile point of sale system for your food truck restaurant business. We have created a cost-effective mobile-based software solution for you. Your business is now in your pocket

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POS App for Fast Food Restaurant

Now it’s time to move your fast food restaurant business online. You can manage your multiple branches with one application. Start your online business to get more orders for your branch.

Get The Right POS System for your Small Business

We are offering a free POS for new startups with limited features.

Increase your sales with hassle-free customer online ordering

Discounts are a powerful way to improve your sales. Give discounts to your customer, we will notify you when they place an order.

  • We will setup your online ordering platform in a few minutes. Set up your restaurant's online business using our Nexchar Platform.
  • Use our powerful tools to notify your customers when you introduce a new food item, change prices, or give a discount.
  • Track your customer's last visit using our powerful reporting tools.
  • Get more and more orders, print invoices from your smartphone app, track dues, and view reports from anywhere.
  • Control your restaurant's business from your smartphone app.
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