Pharmacy Point of Sale system

Nexchar medicine store Cloud Point of Sale is a scalable, flexible retail management system. Keep track your inventory, manage customer and sales, supplier and purchase, track customer dues, online order, printing invoice, print and scanning barcode from the same interface. Make a good relation with your customer using our powerful reporting tools. Nexchar Drug Store POS reporting and analytics to identify patterns in your sales and make smarter decisions in the future. Nexchar Cloud Drug Store POS allowing you to manage multiple outlets from a centralized system.

Our POS system works on any device with a web browser so you can process sales and capture customer. Our mobile app works if there is no internet connection and automatically resync your sales when you’re back online.

Our team provides 24/7 support to help you, If you get stuck – We’ll respond even if you are not our paid customer.

Benefits of using Nexchar Pharmacy POS system

Affordable, easy to use cloud-based mobile point-of-sale software for your Gift shops.

Stock alert

Set your medicine items' low stock threshold. We will notify you when the stock goes down.

Printed receipts

Print your customer invoice form on a POS printer from your smartphone device. Customer invoice sent via SMS/email.


Our powerful reporting tools give you a complete view of the customer dues report. Send a soft reminder to your customer's dues.

Smart Purchase

Get a complete purchase history from individual suppliers. Get details of suppliers' dues, payment history, and many more.

Expiry return

Give your customer the flexibility to return an item. We give you the option to return expired items to your supplier and get a refund.

Sales Reports

Keep an eye on your sales reports, such as the daily sales report, average item sales report, and individual item sales report, and make informed decisions.


Now you can control your multiple stores from one application. Just set different configurations for your store from the backend and enjoy.

Customer History

View your customer's purchase history to provide personalized service. Send SMS/emails to your customers and establish good relations with them.

Speed up checkout with Nexchar POS

Nexchar Pharmacy Management Software

Boost your customer happiness using our retail pharmacy mobile POS system

  • Supplier management, invoice, supplier return and refund and dues
  • Unlimited POS transaction and Cloud Storage
  • Return product and refund payment to customer
  • Stock management and Low stock alert
  • Customer Dues management and reminder

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Nexchar support for Pharmacy Management Software

We are ready to answer all your questions with remote access support and lightning fast problem-solving.

  • Free software update and bug fixing
  • 24/7 live chat support.Our dedicated team is there for you 24/7.
  • Find answers to your questions from helpcenter
  • Developer support for online store
Speed up checkout with Nexchar POS

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