Our smartphone App works when device goes offline

This point of sale software provides you a great replacement for a cash register. You can manage your sales and increase it with good management. It's enables you the mobility to sell anywhere and in any way your customers want to buy.

Features & Benefits

Nexchar POS functioning normally when connecting to server or internet breaks down. Data syncs two-way when online Point of Sale (POS) is functioning so that when you are offline, you have all the data, perform Point of Sale (POS) functional normally including giving currently running offers, schemes and discounts to your customers.

  • Sell from smartphone
  • Your data will sync once you regain connectivity
  • All offers and discounts operate as configured on the server
  • Clear on-screen indicator about running in online or offline mode
  • Barcode scanner with default camera. No extra hardware needed
  • Bluetooth POS printer support

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This software is one of the most reliable, seamless, and scalable sales tracker Mobile POS apps.