Setting Up Your Shop from Your Smartphone

Once you successfully created store in Nexchar Point of Sale App, the next step is configure your new store.

Open your POS app, go to Sign In page

After first login, you must setup and configure your store with the necessary information. Like, your store name, phone number, street address, currency code, and tax information. Put that information in and then tap Save.

[Note: Some data, like your country and time zone, is automatically taken from your smartphone. You can change these settings anytime you want. ] 

  • Store Name: Name of your store that will appear on the invoice
  • Phone : Your store contact number
  • Address: Enter your store address
  • Tax: This is the global tax setting. You can change these settings any time.
    Note: You can also set custom tax settings for an individual product, or you can set a product tax free from the product page.
  • Currency Code: Use your desired currency code
  • Currency Symbol: Use your desired currency symbol

Now, your store is almost ready. You need to add products to your store and start selling. In the top left corner your can see a burger menu icon. Tap the burger icon

A navigation drawer will appear on your mobile screen. You can see all your required menus. Tap More icon to see more.

It will take you to more option pages. Here you can see all the options that Nexchar offers. Tap your required option to configure your new store.

This is a complete guideline on how to create a point of sale account in the Nexchar Store. If you have any questions, contact your live support. 

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