How to Sell Items by Weight in Nexchar Point of Sale

If your store needs to sell items by weight, then you need to create weight-based units Gram (g), Pound (lb), and * Ounce (oz). Using Nexchar, you can easily setup a weight-based item unit. You can change the weight-based product unit anytime from the mobile app.

In order to sell an item by weight, you must set the appropriate unit for your desired product. You can use kelogram, gram, pound, ton, miligram, etc.

Create an item to sell by weight

First, you will need to create a product. Because we are selling by weight, it is important to think of the product based on it's unit of measure. To, create a weight-based product open your Nexchar POS app. Tap the menu(☰) icon from the top left corner of the mobile screen. A navigation drawer appears on your mobile screen. Tap, "Items" menu from the navigation drawer.
menu(☰)>Items>All items

You can see all the items that you previously added. To add a new item, tap the Plsu button in the right bottom corner of your mobile screen.

Now, the app will take you to the "Add new item" page. On this page, we only take the required information to create an item. You can add more item or product features from the web management console.

In order to sell an item by weight, go to the "Sold By" option and tap "Weight"

Now, you can see "Unit" options appear on the bottom of your mobile screen. Tap the "Unit" dropdown list.

Now, you can see a list of units. Tap to select your desired unit.

Now, fill out all required fields to create an item, and click the "Add item" button.

Sell an item by weight

Once you’ve created your items and connected a compatible scale, you’re ready to start selling. Go to the home page.  

On the home page, find the recently created item. Long-press that item.

A pop-up dialer will appear on your mobile screen. In the pop-up dialogue, you can see two options. Input Prices and Input Quantities.

  • Input Price: Set the total amount that your customer wants to purchase. Quantity/Weight is automatically calculated from the amount.
  • Input Quantity / Weight: Set the weight of the product. The total amount will be automatically calculated from the weight. 

In order to sell an item by weight, select the "Input Quantity" button.

Then tap "apply" if you think you selected the proper quantity. The pop-up view will disappear from your mobile screen. It will take you back to the menu page. Once you set your product weight, you can change it anytime you want.

Then, Complete the sale as usual.

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