How do I change my current password?

You need to change your password for your own security reasons. When a Nexchar administrator provides a new username and password, it is recommended to change the password after the first login. Your password should be changed on a regular basis for your own security purposes. Passwords must remain confidential at all times.

To change your password, first open your Nexchar point of sale app, then tap the Menu icon. When you tap on the menu icon, you will see a navigation drawer appear on your mobile screen. Then tap "Settings" from the navigation drawer menu.

In the "Settings" page, you can see the "Change Password" option. Tap "Change Password"

A change password pop-up appears on your mobile screen. In this pop-up you can see three fields. All fields are required. 

  • Current Password: Put your current password. 
  • Password: It must be at least 5 characters long. 
  • Confirm Password: Enter the same password again

Click "Change password" button to save you new password. 

After changing password, all the active connection will be logout and you have to login again with a new password.

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