How to use barcodes with embedded weight/price

This option enables you to scan barcodes containing the SKU and weight of an item. When such a barcode is scanned, the item is promptly added to the receipt with the weight (quantity) indicated. The system permits the use of weighted barcodes in the EAN 13 and UPC-A formats.

Supported Barcodes

Nexchar supports three types of barcodes:

  • EAN13 - this type starts with "02". (13 digital total)
  • UPC - this type starts with "2". (12 digital total) 
  • 2D barcodes/QR codes

Enabling Embedded Barcodes

To enable Embedded barcodes, first open your Nexchar POS app. From the home page, Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of your mobile screen. A navigation drawer appears on your mobile screen.

Tap the "Settings" menu from the navigation drawer. The app will take you to the "Settings" page.

Now you are on the "Settings" page. Tap "Embedded Barcode Settings." The app will take you to the "Embedded Barcode Settings" page.

Now, you are on the barcode settings page. You can see three options.

  • None: None means disabled. Scanner will not check any Embedded Barcode.
  • Price Embedded Barcode: Items are scanned with the price embedded in the barcode. The quantity of the item is determined by the price.
  • Weight Embedded Barcode: The quantity embedded into the barcode is the weight of the item.

Tap "Weight Embedded Barcode" to select barcode settings.

Note: This is a temporary setting. Once you log out and login to the system, the settings will be changed to the default value. You can change the embedded barcode default value setting in the management console. Click this link]

Item/ Product settings

Items will not scan correctly if the item SKU is not five digits or if the item has not been set up to be sold by weight. Additionally, the barcode on the label must contain item price information, not item weight information.

  • To set up embedded barcodes, first assign a product SKU.
  • Must SKU length is five digit
  • Must set product "Sold by" weight

Our embedded barcode settings is complete.

Embedded barcode scanning example

EAN 13


Now, open your camera scanner and scan barcode

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