How to suspend an employee's account in Nexchar Point of Sale

It may be necessary to temporarily suspend an employee's account if a disciplinary investigation is required. When you suspend a user account, the user can't make any transactions and immediately logs out of the currently logged-in device.

To suspend a user account, follow the below steps:

Open your Nexchar Mobile Point of Sale (POS) app. From the top-left corner of your mobile screen, tap the menu icon. Now you can see a navigation drawer appear on your mobile screen. Tap more from the navigation drawer.

It takes you to the "More options" page. Now tap "User" from the Options page.

It will take you to the "Users" page. You can see all your users and staff on your current outlet. Tap the User you want to temporarily block or suspend.

You can see a pop-up menu appear on your mobile screen. Tap "Suspend Account" from the pop-up menu.

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