How to Print Bill in Nexchar mobile point of sale app

You can print your customer's receipt using a Bluetooth thermal POS printer. Printing from your mobile device Your POS printer must have an Bluetooth option. Your smartphone needs to establish a connection using Bluetooth before printing.

You can print your customer's invoice in various ways. When you are creating a sale, you can find a "Complete and print" button to immediately create a receipt. Once your invoice is created, you can also print your receipt at anytime. To print an already created sale, first open your mobile POS app.

Tap the menu button in the upper left corner of your mobile app. Then tap on Sale from the navigation drawer. 

Now, it will take you to the sales page. On this sales page you will see all your previous sales by date. Tap the sales from the list that you want to print.

Then it will take you to your invoice page. At the bottom right of the page you can see the Print button. To obtain a receipt, press the Print button

Note: If your device is connected to a Bluetooth POS printer, it will give you a warning to connect your phone to the printer.

Print receipt instruction: 

  • You must have Bluetooth POS printer
  • Before printing, Bluetooth must be enabled on your phone.
  • Your phone must be paired with your Bluetooth  POS printer.

Printing on A4 paper

You can also print regular A4 size page invoice from our  web panel  . For more flexibility in printing, use the Nexchar  web panel . Currently, the A4 size printing option is not available in our mobile apps.

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