Creating a sales with a custom date and time in Nexchar Point of Sale

Generally, when you create a sale or generate an invoice in Nexchar POS, by default it takes the current date and time. But, sometimes you need to create a back-dating or forward-dating invoice.

For example, if you forgot to create an invoice on the previous date but need that sale in your system for the previous date, then you need to create a back-dated invoice

Creating a back-dating and forward-dating invoice is similar to creating a normal sales invoice. Just change the invoice date.

Open your Point of Sale app then add item to bucket. Then tap Next Button


It, will take you to payment page. Tap Next button

It will take your to Select Customer page then tap Next and then it will take your to Invoice page. In the to right side of your invoice your see invoice date. In the left side of the date you can see a edit icon. Tap the icon

Then, you can get a calendar popup view. Select your desired date, then tap OK. Then select your desired time and tap OK.

Now, you can see the invoice date has been  changed. Then tap Complete button to create the sales.

You can check this newly created invoice on the sale page. First go to the sales page, then go to your invoice created date. You can find that invoice.

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