How to create a supplier in the Nexchar mobile POS app?

You need to add the supplier when you purchase a product from a vendor. You can create supplier easily in Nexchar point of sale app.

It will take you to the "New Purchase" page. Put the required fields in and make a new purchase for your product.

A navigation drawer will appear on your phone. Tap the "More" option from the navigation drawer.

The app will take you to the "Options" page. Now Tap on the Suppliers icon in the Options menu.

The App will take you to the suppliers page. On the supplier page, you can find the "Plus" Button. Tap the "Plus" button to create a new supplier.

  • Company Name : Enter supplier company name
  • Name This is the name of the supplier that will be displayed in your supplier list, and on any invoices addressed to this supplier.
  • Phone : Enter supplier Phone number
  • Email : Enter supplier Email address
  • Address : Enter supplier address

Put the required fields in the Add new supplier form. Then tap the "Add supplier" button.

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