How to Apply Discounts During a Sale

When you are selling an item, you can give a discount to your customers. Using Nexchar, adding discounts to sales is a very quick and easy process. Nexchar allows you to offer both a percentage discount and a quick discount on your sales.

If you want to apply a discount to a sales, first add item to shopping cart. Then tap Shopping Cart icon from left bottom side of your app. Then the app will send you to shopping cart page of your mobile app.

 The following Image is "Shopping Cart" page.  To apply discount to your shopping bag tap the menu left bottom side of your mobile phone.

A popup menu will apear in your screen. Your can find many options in this pop-up menu. To apply discount to shopping cart items tap "Add discount" button. 

After tapping the "Add discount" menu, a new pop-up window will appear on your mobile phone screen. You can find two options in the pop-up menu. One is a cash discount and the other is a percent discount with zero value.

Cash Discount :  If you change any value in Cash Discount, then the Nexchar app will automatically calculate the percent value and put it in the Percent discount textbox.
Percent Discount:  If you change any value in Percent Discount, the Nexchar app will automatically calculate the amount of the percent value and put it in the Cash Discount textbox.

In the following image, the cash discount value is automatically calculated when the percent discount value is stetted. Now tap the Apply button in order to apply the discount to your shopping bag. If you think you don't want to apply the discount, just tap the Cancel button.

After applying the discount, you will see two price labels for every product in your shopping bag. The first label with the middle cross is the original price, and the next label is the discounted price. 

Tap the next button if everything is alight. After tapping, a popup will appear and ask for your confirmation to continue. Tap yes to go to the next payment page. 

You can review your discount offer by tapping the "No" button.

How can I clear applied discount: You can clear your discount by tapping back button in your phone. 

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