How to Add an employee in Nexchar Mobile Point of Sale

If you are the store owner, you can add and manage your staff with permission from Nexchar Mobile Point of Sale. You can manage staff accounts for your individual outlets. There are three types of staff roles in retail POS:

Seller: User role Seller is a non-management staff. The main purpose of this user is process sales. This users are restricted from management function such as changing product price, high level reporting. 

Manager:  The manager level user represents the management staff. The manager user is able to do everything a seller can do, as well as have access to their assigned outlet reporting. The Manager can add or modify multiple seller level users and can be able to change their access privileges.

By default, a manager can?t access the product module because products are store-level things. If any user modifies any product, changes will affect all running outlets. 

Administrator: The Admin level user is considered the store owner. An admin user has full access to view and change all outlets within a store. We only allow one Admin user in Nexchar, but you can grant Administrative privileges to any user.

Add a User From Your Mobile Phone

Open your Nexchar mobile point of sale app. Then tap the menu icon on the top left side of your mobile phone screen. A navigation drawer appears on your screen. Tap more from the  navigation drawer.

App will take you to Options page. In the Option page tap User menu.

It will take you to the users' page. On this page, you can see all the users in the current outlet.  Tap Plus button from the right bottom side of the mobile screen.

It, will take you to Add new user page:

Enter the User details:

  • Name: Specify a name of your staff.
  • Username: This will be the name used to login to Nexchar POS.
  • Email: The user's email address used for verification purposes.
  • Role: This dictates what permissions the user will have.
  • Password :Specify a password for the user. This will be the password this user enters when they sign in to your Nexchar Retail POS store. 
Tap "Add user" to create your desired user.

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