How to add customer feedback to Nexchar POS

Sometimes, your customers give you positive or negative feedback on your products and services. Youcan collect that feedback from walk-in customers, from social media, or by email or phone. You can store that feedback in your app, and then you can take actions based on that feedback.

This is the complete guideline on how to store customer feedback in the point-of-sale app. To add a customer, first locate the customer in your mobile app for whom you want to provide feedback.

So, open your Nexchar mobile point of sale app, then tap the menu at the left-top of your screen. A navigation drawer will appear on your mobile screen. Tap the "Customers" menu from the navigation drawer.

This link will navigate you to the customer page. Identify and select the customer who wishes to provide feedback.

It will take you to the customer details page. On the right-most side of your page, you can see a feedback button. Tap the button.

It will take you to the customer feedback page. Put the required value in the text field and tap "Save Opinion" button.

  • Opinion type : Select any type
  • Customer opinion : Write down what your customer told you. This field is required.
  • Suggestion : Write if your customer has any ideas for making things better. This field is not required.

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