How to Make Sales

The main feature of a point of sale is to make sales in stores. It is the type of sale where the customer goes to the cashier with their products and pays for them.

Let’s learn how to make a Sale?

First, open your mobile app. You can view a list of your previously added products.

You can see all your added items in your phone screen .

  • To add item to Sales list tap plus (+) icon to the desired product.
  • To reduce the quantity tap minus (-) icon from the product list

Change the bulk quantity 

Long pressing on a product will also update its quantity. A popup window appears on your mobile screen

Just type the quantity in the textbox, then tap the "Apply" button. As you can see, the quantity will automatically update.

Search item

To search for products, tap the "Search" icon from the top right side of your mobile screen. A search bar will appear on your mobile screen.

Type your desired product name in the textbox, and then you can see your product appear on your screen.

Go to payment page

You can see your total cart amount and total item count in the footer section on the left. On the right side, you can see the "Next" button. Tap the "Next" button.

To proceed to the Payment page, click the "Next" button. 

On this page, you can input your customer receivable amount. The total cart amount is automatically filled in the textbox by default.

If your customer wants partial payment, just type the amount in the textbox, and the system will automatically generate a partial payment receipt for this sale. Tap the "Next" button to select a customer for this sale.

Select customer

You can see a list of your customers that you previously created. To select a customer, just tap on any row. By clicking the plus button on the right bottom side of your mobile screen, you can add new customers. 

Customer selection is optional. You can skip the customer selection part by clicking the Next button. If you don't select a customer, the system will treat this sale as an anonymous invoice.

Tap, next button to final checkout

Checkout / Print receipt / Invoice

Now, you can see your sales details at a glance.

On this page's footer, you can see three buttons.

  • Print receipt: When you press this button, the system completes the sale, then the system tries to connect a Bluetooth Tally POS printer. If the system successfully connects to the POS printer, it will print a receipt for this sale.
  • Invoice : When you click this button, the system completes the sale and then generates a PDF invoice for you. 
  • Complete : When you click this button, the system finishes this sales transaction without printing a receipt. 

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