How to Apply Discounts During a Sale

Discounting is one of the most popular and proven ways to boost sales. Offering discounts on purchases can help drive sales, attract new customers and encourage customer loyalty in your store.

Nexchar provides different types of discount classes and types for your store. Discount classes are like the categories of discounts. Discount types are more specific, like "Buy X product, Get Y product", " Amount off discount", "Loyalty points discount", or "Free shipping discount".

Discount types

  • Direct discount
  • Automatic discounts
  • Discount codes

Direct discount

Direct discounts are added by the cashier directly to the customer's shopping cart. The Cashier can offer any amount of discount value to the customer’s shopping cart. To apply this discount option ,settings must be enabled by the store administrator from the Nexchar management console.

To enable "Direct discount", first go to the "Settings" page. Then click the "General Settings" option. It will take you to the General Settings page. [Menu>Settings> General Settings]

[Note: Only store administration can enable or disable the "Direct discount" setting]

On the General Settings page, check the Allow "Direct discount" during the checkout process option from Sales settings.

How to apply a "direct discount "  during sales

To apply a "direct discount" during sales, first go to the "New Sale" page. Home > Sales > New Sale. 

Now add the product to the customer's shopping cart. You can see a discount textbox that appears for each cart item.

You can add any discount amount in the textbox.  Now, you can continue the finalization of the sale as usual.

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