The Nexchar Point of Sale app works offline.Even if there is no internet connection, your device can generate sales. When your internet connection is restored, your transactions are automatically synced back to the cloud.

However, some features, such as adding new items, Return and refunds, Purchase and Banking and few others, will be unavailable while offline.

Yes, we offer a free point of sale system. You can use the free version only on the smartphone app with limited features.

To grow your business, we offer different types of packages. To view the pricing, click

Nexchar doesn’t store any sensitive data like credit card information. We take regular backups of your data on the cloud. If your device fails, don’t worry, just simply login to Nexchar on a different device and everything is back to normal.

We don’t share your personal information or store critical data with third-party organizations. As a result, your data in Cloud POS is safe.

Download and install Nexchar retail POS from the Play Store. Create your account by filling in the simple registration form, then add items to your POS system.

Yes, Nexchar offers a full-featured e-commerce platform for your business. We offer free and paid themes. Choose your preferred theme, and we'll prepare your online store in just a few minutes.

You will get a notification in your POS App whenever a customer places an order. Also, an order confirmation email will be sent to the customer once you confirm the order.

Yes, you can download the required source form from Nexchar backend to host your ecommerce site.

You can use your own domain. For hosting, you must follow the theme guidelines. Some themes are not compatible with all hosting platforms.