POS Software as a Service

Nexchar SaaS mode included in your monthly subscription.Our POS has been designed to work on any device. Our developers are constantly improving our cloud-based POS systems for all of our platforms so you can stay confident in using the best technology.

Manage customer orders

Increase your sales using our online ordering system. You can get order form e-commerce, Social Media and many others platform. Track your customer order with our Nexchar POS and give discounts to loyal customers.

Carry your Business in your pocket

Get notified on the critical business information and take timely decisions with real-time reports from your phone anytime anywhere. Manage your business with ease with Nexchar Mobile App. Track sales, manage contacts, and handle operations

Full-sync: sell everywhere

Our cloud based POS software automatically synced your retail stores, products, customers and orders. Nexchar keeps track of all your transactions and updates across all stores, registers and sales channels

Online & offline. Everywhere.

You can sell even if your internet is down. When your internet is back, transactions are automatically synced back to the cloud. Therefore, your staff can continue selling, even when there’s no internet.

Smart Reports and Sales Metrics

Enjoy real-time cloud analytics with in-depth reporting that will help you steer your business in the right direction. Using NEXCHAR cloud point of sale software, reports can be accessed from anywhere with an internet access.

Easiest cloud-based POS software to use

We designed a very user-friendly interface this is very fast and easy to learn. Turn your Android phone into a point of sale.